Shaken but not stirred

Honey bee in flight

This weekend brings to a close the Exeter branch Beginners' Beekeeping Course with the last practical session at the apiary on Saturday. At the first practical, the place was really buzzing with bees. With 17 colonies the sound just blew me away as the girls were out on possibly their first flights of the season to go and forage for nectar and pollen.

Buzzing with bees

National beehives

What a perfect day to meet thousands of bees - sunshine, blue sky and in the company of fellow budding beekeepers as we met at the Exeter branch's apiary today for our first practical lesson on handling bees.

Bee-friendly and happy neighbours


This week's research in readiness for next week's beekeeping course is for us to find out what we need to consider when setting up an apiary, which is a place where colonies of bees are kept in a collection of beehives. As a budding beekeeper these are important things to find out about, as the last thing we want to do is cause unhappy neighbours and unhappy bees!