Making a difference in Cambodia

Christmas craft fair in Newton Poppleford

Today it was off to my very first Christmas craft fair in Newton Poppleford with my little pots of honey beautifully presented in their little organza bags. It's taken quite a while to put these all together but when they were finally on the table, they looked absolutely amazing - even if I say so myself! The effort was made even more amazing knowing that by being there, I was helping a wonderful lady called Angela raise money towards her trip to Cambodia to make a practical and lasting difference to some of the world's most vulnerable people that live on the edge of the contaminated Mekong River Delta through Mission Direct, a UK christian charity.

Angela has been raising money locally which will all go towards building new homes for families currently living on rubbish tips and all the planning that has gone in to the craft fair came to fruition. There was a great sense of community spirit from the moment everyone started walking through the doors and the village hall definitely had a warm friendly feeling as families sat down with home-made cakes and nattered to their friends and neighbours.