Liquid gold... captured in a jar

Liquid gold - honey jars

There's nothing quite like pouring liquid gold into a jar... honey produced from your own colony of bees. The girls have exceeded themselves again this year beating last year's honey crop of 72lb, which is pretty good going given I only took up beekeeping at the beginning of 2016. This honey is all from my original colony which, by the time the main nectar flow in July begins, is very large colony and has a strong foraging force that literally work themselves to death bringing back their bounty. With the sun shining on the honey jars, the golden colour of the honey is captured beautifully.

With the honey left to settle in a big honey tank, I've now started to pour it into smaller jars. With Christmas not far away now, I've been making up some gift sets which these lovely little jars will go into. Having booked a couple of local Christmas craft fairs, my little production line of putting everything together is almost seamless. Although time-consuming, am loving every bit of putting the gift sets together knowing that the honey inside these little jars is very special... made by my own bees!